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Jumat, 12 Agustus 2011


RALEIGH, N.C. – Now that The Rapture has occurred, we are counting down to the Apocalypse – October 21, 2011.
May 21st, 2011 has come and gone.  The Rapture is over.  Now the dread can begin because on October 21st, 2011… all of us that have been Left Behind, will die.
As crestfallen followers of a California preacher who foresaw the world’s end strained to find meaning in their lives, Harold Camping revised his apocalyptic prophecy Monday, saying he was off by five months and the Earth actually will be obliterated on Oct. 21.
Here’s a recap of how we got here:
Marie Exley would have liked to start a family. Instead, the 32-year-old Army veteran has less than two months left on the planet and she is going to spend her time spreading the word: Judgment Day is almost here.
Exley is part of a movement of Christians loosely organized by radio broadcasts and websites, independent of churches and convinced by their reading of the Biblethat the end of the world will begin May 21, 2011.
Technically, May 21st is Judgment Day, or The Rapture, so the world won’t end that day, it’s just the beginning of the end… But, don’t worry, it will end VERY soon after.  Probably by October 21st of this year – at the latest.
To get the word out, they’re using billboards and bus stop benches, traveling caravans of RVs and volunteers passing out pamphlets on street corners. Cities from Bridgeport, Conn., to Little Rock, Ark., now have billboards with the ominous message, and mission groups are traveling through Latin America and Africa to spread the news outside the U.S.
“A lot of people might think, ‘The end’s coming, let’s go party, let’s drink and have multiple sex partners” said Exley, a veteran of two deployments in Iraq. “But we’re commanded by God to warn people. I wish I could just be like everybody else, but it’s so much better to know that when the end comes, you’ll be safe.”
Last August, Exley left her home in Colorado Springs, Colo., to work with Oakland, Calif.-based Family Radio Worldwide, the independent Christian ministry whose leader, Harold Camping, has calculated the May 21 date based on his reading of the Bible.
Her husband left for Vegas to drink and spend his life savings on prostitutes.
Exley, in the meantime, is organizing traveling columns of RVs carrying the message from city to city, a logistics challenge that her military experience has helped solve. The vehicles are scheduled to be in five North Carolina cities between now and the second week of January, but Exley will shortly be gone: overseas, where she hopes to eventually make it back to Iraq.
“I don’t really have plans to come back,” she said. “Time is short.”
Not everyone who’s heard Camping’s message is taking such a dramatic step. They’re remaining in their day-to-day lives, but helping publicize the prophecy in other ways. Allison Warden, of Raleigh, has been helping organize a campaign using billboards, post cards and other media in cities across the U.S. through a website, We Can Know.
The 29-year-old payroll clerk laughs when asked about reactions to the message, which is plastered all over her car.
“It’s definitely against the grain, I know that,” she said. “We’re hoping people won’t take our word for it, or Harold Camping’s word for it. We’re hoping that people will search the scriptures for themselves.”
Camping, 89, believes the Bible essentially functions as a cosmic calendar explaining exactly when various prophecies will be fulfilled.  But he’s 89, so he’s not so worried about the world ending.  He’s already done all the living he wants to do.
The retired civil engineer said all his calculations come from close readings of the Bible, but that external events like the foundation of the state of Israel in 1948 are signs confirming the date.
“Beyond the shadow of a doubt, May 21 will be the date of the Rapture and the day of judgment,” he said.
The doctrine known as the Rapture teaches that believers will be taken up to heaven, while everyone else will remain on earth for a period of torment, concluding with the end of time. Camping believes that will happen in October.
“If May 21 passes and I’m still here, that means I wasn’t saved and I will be dead on October 21st.  Does that mean God’s word is inaccurate or untrue? Not at all,”  Warden said.
The belief that Christ will return to earth and bring an end to history has been a basic element of Christian belief since the first century. The Book of Revelation, which comes last in the New Testatment, describes this conclusion in vivid language that has inspired Christians for centuries.
Few churches are willing to set a date for the end of the world, heeding Jesus’ words in the gospels of Mark and Matthew that no one can know the day or hour it will happen. Predictions like Camping’s, though, aren’t new. One of the most famous in history was by the Baptist leader William Miller,who predicted the end for Oct. 22, 1844, which came to be known as the Great Disappointment among his followers, some of whom subsequently founded the Seventh Day Adventist church.
Ron Hardeski of Bayonne, New Jersey also predicted the world would end on February 27th, 2004 – his wife’s 50th birthday.  The world didn’t end, so Ron beat his wife to death with a Bible.  He’s serving a life sentence.
“In the U.S., there is still a significant population, mostly Protestant, who look at the Bible as kind of a puzzle, and the puzzle is God’s word and it’s predicting when the end times will come,” said Catherine Wessinger, a professor at Loyola University in New Orleans who studies millennialism, the belief in pending apocalypse.
“A lot of times these prophecies gain traction when difficulties are happening in society,” she said. “Right now, there’s a lot of insecurity, and this is a promise that says it’s not all random, it’s part of God’s plan.”
Past predictions that failed to come true don’t have any bearing on the current calculation, believers maintain.
“It would be like telling the Wright brothers that every other attempt to fly has failed, so you shouldn’t even try,” said Chris McCann, who works with eBible Fellowship, one of the groups spreading the message.
“If you want to say we’re crazy, go ahead,” she said. “But when you’re dead on May 21st (or soon after), you’ll know we were right.  And you’ll thank us.”

Well, if you ask me did i believe this or not?
I'll answer i'll never believed it
human can't predict when the world will end, only God knows when is that!
Anyone agree with me?

Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

Perpisahan dengan kelas 7 & 8

Hari ini perpisahan dengan kelas 7 dan 8.
Mereka nyanyi gitu lha dipanggung...
Bukannya menjelekkan, tapi yang kelas 7 cuma kedengaran biolanya aja (pake dong mik nya)
yang kelas 8 rame kali juga, 50an murid 1 panggung gitu. Wisnu solo lagi dipojok.
tapi bagus kok nyanyainya :)
Foto bareng-barengnya terlalu rame lha...
aku ragu semuanya nampak...
kalo uda diupload fotonya kumasukin blog lha (kalo diupload dulu)
hari ini manteb

Sabtu, 26 Februari 2011

Robot Marathon

OSAKA – The first ever Robot Marathon is underway in Japan!
The world’s first Robot Marathon got under way in Osaka, Japan, today with five competitors trying to better each other over the full distance course.
Each runner is just 12 inches tall but they will still be required to power round the 100m track 420 times to reach the marathon distance of 26 miles .
They are expected to finish on Sunday.

Japanese robot maker and event organiser Vstone says the event will demonstrate the machines’ durability and maneuverability.
Vstone’s robots surged into an early lead, trailed by two entrants from Osaka University of Engineering who faltered in the early stages of the race.
In practice last week one was even seen picking itself off the ground after a fall.

Along the marathon route, there will be robots “cheering” from the sidelines.  Other robots will be handing out cups of grease that the competing robots will pour over their heads.
There will also be a Robot Band playing on the sidelines – to keep the robots from getting bored.

Is this really true?
who knows...
i don't live in Japan anyway

Minggu, 16 Januari 2011

PALO ALTO, CA –Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be shut down in March. Managing the site has become too stressful.
“Facebook has gotten out of control,” said Zuckerberg in a press conference outside his Palo Alto office, “and the stress of managing this company has ruined my life. I need to put an end to all the madness.”
Zuckerberg went on to explain that starting March 15th, users will no longer be able to access their Facebook accounts.
“After March 15th the whole website shuts down,” said Avrat Humarthi, Vice President of Technical Affairs at Facebook. “So if you ever want to see your pictures again, I recommend you take them off the internet. You won’t be able to get them back once Facebook goes out of business.”
Zuckerberg said that the decision to shut down Facebook was difficult, but that he does not think people will be upset.
“I personally don’t think it’s a big deal,” he said in a private phone interview. “And to be honest, I think it’s for the better. Without Facebook, people will have to go outside and make real friends. That’s always a good thing.”
Some Facebook users were furious upon hearing the shocking news.
“What am I going to do without Facebook?” said Denise Bradshaw, a high school student from Indiana. “My life revolves around it. I’m on Facebook at least 10 hours a day. Now what am I going to do with all that free time?”
However, parents across the country have been experiencing a long anticipated sense of relief.
“I’m glad the Facebook nightmare is over,” said Jon Guttari, a single parent from Detroit. “Now my teenager’s face won’t be glued to a computer screen all day. Maybe I can even have a conversation with her.”
Those in the financial circuit are criticizing Zuckerberg for walking away from a multibillion dollar franchise. Facebook is currently ranked as one of the wealthiest businesses in the world, with economists estimating its value at around 7.9 billion.
But Zuckerberg remains unruffled by these accusations. He says he will stand by his decision to give Facebook the axe.
“I don’t care about the money,” said Zuckerberg. “I just want my old life back.”
The Facebook Corporation suggests that users remove all of their personal information from the website before March 15th. After that date, all photos, notes, links, and videos will be permanently erased.

If facebook will be erased, what'll facebookers do?

A New Zodiac Sign

NEW YORK – Due to the movement of the Earth’s axis, there is a new Zodiac sign. That means you have a new sign!
We’ve all been there. First dates, blind dates, set-ups by mutual friends. And if you’re anything like me, the first thing you always ask before venturing out into the cold, dark night of dating is: what’s his sign?
Well last evening, which was indeed chilly, I went on a lovely date with my first Ophiuchus, the just revealed 13th sign of the zodiac. And let me tell you, he was hotter than a snake’s ass in a wagon rut!  Not to mention, we’re totally compatible. Where have the Ophiuchuses been all my life?
And where did this new sign come from, you logically wonder. Well, it turns out it’s been there all along.
According to Minnesota Planetarium Society board member Parke Kunkle, it’s always been in the stars. Star signs were created 2,000 years ago by tracking the sun’s location in the sky each month. Over time, the moon’s gravitational pull has slowly moved the Earth in its axis, creating about a one-month bump in the stars’ alignment, reports the Minnesota Star Tribune.
So what does it all mean? What’s my  sign now? I’m a Libra, and even with the new calendar will I stay a Libra. I’ve typically tried to stick with Gemini or Aquarian men as advised. But this new sign, the Ophiuchus, blows both of those prime compatibility matches out of the water. So if you’re a Libra like me, you may find a streak of lusty luck with your own Ophi gent.
But watch out! The Ophinuchus is the serpent holder sign. Sexy, strong, and a little scary, right? Just be smart if you’re looking for love, the serpent holder man is also sly, fast, and venomous. Thus, he’s not compatible with ladies of every sign.
We Libras, as well as the rest of the water signs, can probably handle it. Capricorns have a distinct resilient energy that would pair well with the Ophi’s cunning intensity. Same goes for the Cancers, but their need for safety may pose some relationship issues with the serpent holder’s risk-taking tendencies.
The New Signs According to Professor Kunkle:
Capricorn: Jan. 20-Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16-March 11
Pisces: March 11-April 18
Aries: April 18-May 13
Taurus: May 13-June 21
Gemini: June 21-July 20
Cancer: July 20-Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10-Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16-Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30-Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23-29
Ophiuchus* Nov. 29-Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17-Jan. 20
*Discarded by the Babylonians because they wanted 12 signs per year.

Senin, 29 November 2010


Waktu pertama kali aku masuk Charitas kan kelas 7, jadi pasti ada yang namanya MOS (Masa Orientasi Siswa). Kami dikerjain habis-habisan sama para OSIS. Di suruh pakai kalung dari petai, topi dari koran, papan nama, dan sisanya aku lupa. Disuruh bawa daging dinosaurus (emang gimana cari dinosaurus yang masih ada dagingnya???) ternyata nugget bentuknya dinosaurus (nugget kok dibilang dinosaurus). Setelah itu, Aqua dibilang jadi mata air dari gunung salak (gunung salak itu dimana aja aku gak tau). Disuruh minta tanda tangan para OSIS (kami jadi kayak fans mereka aja minta-minta tanda tangan), kalau diminta bukannya langsung kasih, dikerjain dulu malahan. Tapi MOS pengalaman yang cukup tak terlupakan.

Sabtu, 27 November 2010

Class Meeting Semester 2 tahun 2010

Class meeting yang ini gak gitu ingat. Yang kuingat ada lomba lari, futsal (pastinya), masak, Charitas Idol, dll yang aku gak ingat.
Yang lomba lari kelasku (8A) yang menang (yang ikut ada Sakti, Victor, Adelsha, Nita, 1 lagi lupa).
Lomba yang lainnya lupa total (hehehehe...)
Tapi class meeting ini saat-saat terakhir kami pas di 8A (mana ada semester 3 kan).
<--------This is 8A (2009-2010)

17 Agustus 2010

Waktu 17an waktu itu, setelah upacara, ada perlombaan. Yang SD baris di lapangan basket, tapi yang SMP terusir sampai tempat parkir (kejam juga).

Setelah upacara ada pertandingan-pertandingan.
Yang cowok-cowok futsal, dan yang cewek masak (kalo gak salah ingat).
Yang menang aku gak ingat sama sekali jd gak usah diurus lha.

Jumat, 26 November 2010

Study Tour Kelas 8 (2009-2010)

Study tour waktu masih kelas 8 menjadi pengalaman berharga selama masih ada di Charitas.
Pergi Study Tour ke Malaysia dengan teman-teman 1 kelas.
Ada ke Royal Abu Bakar Museum, Johor Art Gallery, Ostrich Farm (telur burung unta gak pecah walaupun diinjak Andre), dll (termasuk Genting).
Study tour selama 4 hari 3 malam (padahal hari ke-4 setengah hari di bus terus).

Kamis, 25 November 2010

Pengalaman Di Charitas (Hari Guru: kamis, 25 November 2010)

Untuk pertama kalinya aku lihat bukan murid-murid yang jadi petugas, sekarang guru-guru yang jadi petugasnya (gantian).
Pembina upacara                               = Bu Rosa
Pemimpin upacara                             = Pak Petrus
Pemimpin barisan : 1) Kelas 1-3        = Pak Agus
                             2) Kelas 4-6        = Pak Andi (Bukan yang ngajar gitar)
                             3) Kelas 7-9        = Pak Banu
Pengibar bendera                              = 1) Bu Heni (SMP)
                                                            2) Bu Heni (TK)
                                                            3) Bu Dwi
Pembaca UUD                                  = Pak Bambang
Petugas doa                                       = Pak Paulus
Janji siswa                                         = Pak Damian
Dirijen                                               = Bu Anne
Pembaca Tata upacara                      = Pak Markus

Jalannya upacara bagus (gak kayak kalau petugasnya murid), dan juga nyanyinya, untuk pertama kalinya sejak aku ada di kelas 9, semangat nyanyi lagu-lagunya (biasanya kayak orang gak makan 2 hari).
Selesai upacara salam semua guru yang ada (sebenarnya gak semua sih tp kira-kira 95% nya lha)